Wednesday, 26 June 2019



The Synaxon development team has come up with an integrated approach that will forever change the way practice management systems function.

Synaxon is a knowledge management system that enables seamless integration between health management organizations, health insurance companies and provider partners in their day-to-day efforts to manage patients and their clinical needs.

In the past practice management systems focused their applications on data collection from the different, individual service providers, mainly to support individual doctors' administration and claims needs.

While still aiming to address these needs, Synaxon also provides an open database platform that enables end users, e.g. doctors, to participate in an active network of health management organizations. Interaction between the different health management organizations, patients, doctors, specialists and hospitals is now seamlessly integrated.

Control over global clinical, financial and administrative data is now integrated and in the hands of those parties who take on the risk of providing service to the patient.

In the past, the integration of data forwarded from end-users and data collected by health management organizations proved to be difficult and lead to duplication of work. Standardization in terms of the operational interaction was impossible.

With the arrival of Synaxon, great synergy between any end user and health management organizations was enabled.